Shortcrust Catering & Guideposts Community Café

Training Programmes and Work Placement and Experience schemes

Shortcrust runs a number of innovative supported training projects and work
placement, work experience based in our catering outlet in Atherstone and the
Guideposts Community Café in Nuneaton city centre. We work with schools, colleges and people in the community to offer our schemes, which are specially designed to offer training and experience in the workplace. The schemes are open to anyone who wants to learn more about creating menus and cooking great food. Everyone who wants to learn more about catering is welcome, including those who have a learning difficulty, a mental health issue, or lack communica tion skills.

Shortcrust training provides:

  • real work training and real work experience
  • an opportunity to gain vocational and transferable skills in a real work
  • catering and hospitality skills
  • retail and customer service skills
  • communication and social skills
  • a friendly, supportive and hard-working environment
  • experience of team-work
  • skills and confidence and support in seeking work

Many of our trainees have successfully entered paid employment on completion of
their training.

Shortcrust training and our work placement and experience schemes give people an
insight into what work is all about, and offers a step towards leading an independent

Training Programmes and Work Placement and Experience schemes Training Programmes and Work Placement and Experience schemes

Jessica’s Story

Jessica came to Shortcrust from school on a work placement. She had always been
very shy, and found school-life difficult and was not achieving as much as she could
have with the right support. In a few weeks at Shortcrust, Jessica’s social skills
really improved and she gained confidence and really enjoyed feeling and being part
of a team. As a result of her training experience at Shortcrust, Jessica went on to
get a job in a café in one of Nuneaton’s leading stores. Jessica is just one example of
how Shortcrust supports people to gain and sustain independence and participate
fully in their own lives and the life of our community.


Shortcrust offers a 10-week cookery programme which allows people to learn or
improve their culinary skills. The course will teach you:

  • preparation of food
  • personal hygiene
  • health & safety in the kitchen
  • knife skills
  • cooking skills
  • menu planning
  • how to shop for fresh, healthy and appetising ingredients on a budget

The course leads towards the student planning and cooking a full two-course

All students who finish the course are issued with a certificate of completion, which
can count towards an NVQ qualification.

Contact Shortcrust on: 0773 876 8265 Email:

Our Feedback

‘Thank you for having me. I got some really good ideas of what I would like to
do in the future in catering. It was a really enjoyable experience.’ (JL, Nuneaton)
‘I really enjoyed work experience at the café. You have all been very kind and
helpful.’ (RT, who has a learning disability)

‘Your time and extra effort is so very much appreciated and a valuable part of a
young person’s development and career choice.’ (Leicestershire Education
Business Company)

‘Thank you for making work experience such a positive and rewarding one. Under
your caring and tutelage students have really blossomed and their sense of initiative
and self-confidence has visibly increased.’ (Round Oak School and Support Service)

‘Thank you so much for providing such a fantastic work placement and training. The
students are very sad it has come to an end.’ (Warwickshire College)