Shortcrust Catering & Guideposts Community Café

Nuneaton Community Café

Guideposts’ Community Café is open six days a week serving a great range of
freshly cooked food. Whether it’s a light lunch, a snack or a great Cappuccino, the
Community Café has just what you need to fill that gap. We also make our own
soup freshly every day, served with fresh crusty bread and our own fantastic ice-
cream! We only use fresh, quality ingredients which we source locally wherever
As well as great food, the Community Café hosts one-off seasonal events and
celebrations and a number of workshops, support and well-being sessions.
We also have computers for you to use if you need to use the Internet or email.
Guideposts’ Community Café is based right in the centre of Nuneaton click here for
, near to all the shops, the library and banks, with plenty of parking nearby.
The Community Café can also be hired privately for your meetings, one-off event or
special occasion, and we also have our own catering service, Shortcrust, that can
meet all your catering needs.

Nuneaton Cafe Quote Good Food

Our Community Café also supports people through our innovative training
and work placement and experience schemes.

The Community Café has a wide entrance for easy access, with a double
push-button automatic door-opener and a disabled lavatory. All tables are set
out to ensure there is plenty of space for wheelchairs, motorised vehicles and
pushchairs. Guideposts’ Community Café caters equally for all members of
our community and their needs. We aim for everyone to feel welcome, happy
and at home.

Our Customer Feedback

‘Lovely, clean and bright. Nice atmosphere’ (J, Nuneaton)

‘The best thing that has happened to Nuneaton! The food is excellent and fairly
priced.’ (Staff Member, Mamma Mia, Nuneaton)

‘Lovely atmosphere. Everything fresh and clean.’ (MG, Nuneaton)

‘Lovely open space accommodating all walks of life – really friendly and helpful
staff. Will definitely come again.’ (TH, Nuneaton)

‘I had an excellent visit and was delighted to meet the enthusiastic and
committed staff. This is an excellent service, delivering a highly valued service
to carers and all people in Nuneaton.’ (GB, Warwickshire County Council)

‘Had a really nice tea. Staff really friendly and nice – made us feel really
welcome.’ (Mr & Mrs W., Nuneaton)

‘Lovely, clean and bright place with caring staff. Use the café with my
wheelchair-bound sister. Plenty of room. Everyone spoke to her. Would
recommend it to everyone.’ (TS, Nuneaton)

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