Shortcrust Catering & Guideposts Community Café

Guideposts – Advice, Support and Well-being

Not only does Guideposts Community Café offer great food and coffee, but our
commitment to the community is continued with the advice, support and well-being
sessions we offer regularly in the Café. Some of the sessions are drop in, others
need to be booked in advance.
Here are the current sessions available:




10.00-12.15 Get Online

IT Help for older people

Silver Surfers
(Colin Whitmore)
(& Lynn Kelly)
Alternate Weeks
1.00-3.00 Advice & Information
Insurance, Utilities etc
Age Concern
(Pamela Miller)
Alternate Weeks
10.00-12.00 Advice Sessions Benefits,
debt etc
(Bernadette Davey)
10.00-2.00 Foot Health Treatment of
common Foot problems
Alan Birch (MCFHP
Alternate Weeks
9.30-1.00 Complimentry Therapy Head,
shoulder massage, Reiki,
Reflexology etc
Inner Kalm
(Amanda Martin)
10.20-12.40 Free Legal Advice Wills,
Estates etc
Moore & Tibbits
(Christina Richards)

For more information please call 0845 600 9980
Warwickshire Carer Support Service

Located in the upstairs offices of Guideposts Community Café, our Carer Support
Service reaches out to anyone who is a carer, offering a wide-ranging knowledge
of issues and situation carers face. Guideposts has been providing its services
successfully in North Warwickshire, Nuneaton & Bedworth and Rugby for many years
and from 2011 are taking their excellent work into the south of the county – including
Leamington Spa, Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick.
With a recent inquiry by the Equality and Human Rights Commission which says
there are “major problems” in the homecare system provided by Adult Social Services
in many areas, Guideposts Carers’ Support Service, working with Warwickshire CC,
offers information, advice, practical help and emotional support to all those who care
for a friend or relative, and for care professionals and careworkers.
Carers often have to deal with stressful situation such as the shock of becoming a
carer – sometimes overnight – and having to deal with what can be a very difficult
path through things like Social Services, and issues they’ve never dealt with before.
It can be the case that people suddenly find themselves totally out of their depth,
and find it hard to cope – after all, no-one gives you any training to be a carer.
Guideposts’ Carers’ Support service is free and confidential and aims to support and
empower carers, enrich their lives and promote their well-being which, in turn, will
have a positive effect on those for whom they care. Guideposts provides a regular
quarterly newsletter, fact sheets, carer support groups, and one-to-one support either
face-to-face or via a 24-hour helpline. With a large number of people – carers and
the people for whom they care – reporting feelings of isolation and social exclusion
or just being overwhelmed by their situation, Guideposts aims to ensure people are
given opportunities to live full and independent lives within the community.

Who is a carer?
A carer is someone who, without payment, provides help and support to a relative,
friend or neighbour who could not manage without their help due to age, sickness,
disability or addiction.
Both men and women are carers and they can be of any age and background, with
many combining their caring role with a paid job.
Being a carer can be rewarding but it can also affect your life, health, personal
relationships, family, employment, leisure and finance. It can also be very isolating.
Many carers do not recognise themselves as carers seeing only their role as
husband, wife, son, daughter, neighbour, etc. Therefore they may be unaware of the
help which they can get or the services which are available to them.
Guideposts Carers Support Service is here to support carers to access the help and
the services available to them.

What is Guideposts Carers Support Service?
Guideposts Carers Support Service has been commissioned by Warwickshire County
Council to provide a free confidential service. Guideposts provides information, help,
advice and support for carers and professionals.

We aim to:
• Support and empower carers
• Enrich carers lives and promote well-being
• Promote carers rights
• Raise the profile of carers and carer issues
• Ensure that carers voice is heard and their views taken into account
by decision makers

How can Guideposts help you?
Guideposts provide a wide range of information and services to help carers.
These are some of the things we can do:
• Provide information on services and practical help available to carers
• Publish a regular quarterly newsletter to keep in touch and keep carers informed
• Facilitate carer support groups so that carers feel less isolated and meet other
carers for mutual support
• Offer one to one confidential support during difficult times
• Provide an emergency card to carry for peace of mind
• Employ specialist staff for carers from Ethnic minorities, for carers of
people with learning disabilities, mental health illness and parent carers
• Provide support for carers of individuals who are on the autistic spectrum
and individuals who are dependent on drugs and/or alcohol
• Provide a drop-in information point at our Community Cafe in Nuneaton
• Publish fact sheets covering almost every aspect of caring
• Maintain a website which is packed with information and links to other agencies

For more information or to talk to someone in confidence,
please call 0845 600 9980